Dinner with Friends

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend :-)) I went out of town to visit my sister, my cousin, and to see my nephew perform at Florida A&M University's band camp. Needless to say, we had a blast...per usual. My family's lots of fun so while I was leary of going (I hate driving on I-10), I'm glad I did.

Anyhew, those pics will be posted later, but I absolutely need to post pics of me and my friends kickin it at dinner about a month ago...smh. I met all these fabulous guys at fashion school and I'm happy to say we'll definitely be friends for life :-)

Since I happened to be the coordinator of our monthly get-together, I took us to one of my favorite restaurants....Bahama Breeze.

Dexter and Dawana of Dresshaven blog.

My friends STAY looking fly to death. I loves them!!!
Eric, of Peacock Revolution blog, finally decided to join us....fashionably late and lost of course, LOL!!!

I love this blazer I got from Zara...it fits like it was made especially for me.

Dawana and Dexter will be graduating soon from school :-( Now who am I going to kick it with (besides Eric) when I go back.

The fabulous Eric, Dawana, me, and Dexter...we had to make the valet worker take this pic twice....you know, cause he was an amateur, LOL!

I sported my new shoes I had just bought mere hours before our event. I bought them at Aldo.

They looked ugly on the shelf so I thought...hmmm, that's usually a sign that they're pretty fab on

Here's a serious close-up. I think I made a good decision because my friends approved and I received a couple of compliments that night as well. Sweet!!!

We had sooooo much fun and pratically shut the place down. I can't wait to the next dinner!!!
Au revoir!


Melissa said…
L-O-V-E your shoes! I saw them and thought eww, but now that you have them on I want them!!!