Romper Obsession

Greetings Fashion Friends,
A couple weeks back I attended my niece and nephew's dance recital. It was entertaining and I laughed my behind off :-0000 You know the older kids are super talented but the little ones are just hilarious! I'm a dancer so of course I wanted my niece and nephew to develop this talent.....ummm, they're coming along, lol.
My niece obviously gets her height from her mother's side of the family, LOL. She takes ballet and tap. I'm such a proud aunt :-)

I had to literally hog tie my little nephew just to get a picture. He taps....but recently he told me he wants to take a break and play soccer and football.

It's all about rompers this season! They are super comfy and totally flattering for me. Loves it! But seriously, I'm going to stop buying them because my entire wardrobe can't be composed of rompers and jumpsuits....SMH

Romper: Macy's; Earrings and Necklace: Street Vendor; Handbag: Furla; Sandals: Bloomingdales

Au revoir!


Angela said…
Super cute romper!