Reader Request - Strappy Shoes

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday!!! I hope you all are planning fun things all summer long :-) I'm such a lamo I couldn't find anything to really get into this weekend :-( I mean, there are tons of stuff to do, but I'd rather not do them alone. But I'm still striving to be a totally brazen diva ;-)

Soooooo, I received a reader request from Rachelle that of course I want to share with you all.


I have a little dilemna. I have really wide feet and I have a hard time finding the type of shoes I think work well for them. I don't like anything that emphasizes them (i.e. a really dainty heel). I know that I want a shoe that covers the top of my foot so that they won't look so wide and chunky. I'm looking for straps over the top and I do wear thong sandals but again, I want to make sure that I find some that covers the top of my foot. Oh and I'm a student so I'm on a poor budget, lol. Can you help me???


Cool beans! This is a good one. When you mention straps that cover the top of the foot I immediately thought of gladiators and caged heels. They're cute, chic, a lil trendy, and work well with almost anything. Not knowing your personal style, I just tried to diversify the selections. See below.

The Dalle Shoe $57.95 (on sale)
Love the feminine bow details here. The bright red is perfect for summer and fall.

Strappy beaded gladiator sandal $13.80
Talk about an affordable find!!! This sandal is so cute I'm about to scoop it up myself, lol.

Sculpted wedge sandal $69.00
I love when shoes imitate art. This sandal is truely a work of an attainable price.

Park Lane Braided Strap Metallic Gladiator Sandals
This sandals lovingly reflect their Grecian inspiration. Too cute!

Copney Wedge Sandal $39.98 (on sale)
This wedge is the perfect combo of toughness and sexy.

Python Ombre Gladiator Sandals
The thing about reader requests is that I tend to always for in love with some pieces I find like this gorgeous pair of sandals. The color is just right for summer.

B. Makowsky 'Gaby' Caged Sandal
$53.90 (on sale)
The details on this caged style are pretty. The contrasting silver beading was a nice touch!

Melissa $39.99 (on sale)
A thick t-strap is also a good way to cover the top of the foot.

Ok Rachelle, I hope this list was helpful!
Au revoir!