Reader Request - RiRi's Maxi

Greetings Fashion Pad Friends,

I have a reader request from Jenita I'd like to share with you all.


Please, please, please help me find the dress that Rihanna is wearing in this picture. I really want to wear it to a graduation party. It'll be really classy and at an upscale restaurant so I want to look like a sexy siren but covered up. Help me find it! I'll splurge on this one.

Muchas gracias

Well okay Jenita. This took forever! The reason is that I should not have assumed that this dress was the design of a premiere designer. I searched all her usual faves and nothing. Then I researched the image and came across who sponsored the event she was attending.....ASOS! Whew!!! Horray, a glimmer of hope appeared because most celebs wear something from the sponsors...especially if they are in the fashion industry. So I finally found the dress on Asos's about irony. I'm on Asos's site at least 4 times a week. Never paid attention to this frickin' dress, lol. Oh well, check it out below.

ASOS Feather Print Jersey Maxi Dress

The price point is absolutely fab! You don't have to splurge Jenita...unless you want to splurge on sandals.

Well Jenita...the back of this garment has some serious siren action going on. Not sure if you expected this or not so I included the image so you could decide if this was too over the top.

Happy shopping!
Au revoir!


Jenita said…
Thanks Shanequa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ingrid said…
You really have to be super fit to wear this dress.