Reader Request - Non-Stick Lip Glosses

Greetings Fashion Homies,
I had a reader request that's a little different from our normal scheduled programming but it's still very pertinent to fashion because a well-groomed appearance is a flattering complement to a fabulous outfit.
Can you do a post on lip gloss??? I'm looking for an everyday gloss that's not too sticky (MAC). I don't want to worry about every time the wind blows I have hair stuck to my lips. Thanks!
Cool request. I don't know if I've every told you guys this but the only make-up I wear religiously are mascara (kinda need to since those darn falsies took out some of my real lashes) and LIP GLOSS!!!! I cannot stand the feeling of dry lips so I have at least one spare lip gloss in my car, another in my office at work, about 3-4 in my handbag at all times, and several around my home. Yeah, it's pretty sad, but I digress, this is not about me. LOL! I've searched for some non-sticky options (as reported on various retail site descriptions) for your convenience.

1. L'Oreal also has its Glam Shine lip glosses. They feature micro-crystals to reflect light and provide a brilliant shine. This smooth, non-sticky formula plumps lips, while providing moisture for that special sparkle and shine. Glam Shine lip glosses come with a wand applicator in the tube.

Glam Shine Lip Gloss $5.99

2. Cover Girl's Wet Slicks are very popular. These lip glosses have been praised as having the lasting shine and coverage of a lip gloss, with the feel of a lip balm (ohhh, this tells me they're soft, non-sticky, and light). They come in a variety of sheer and colored shades, and are applied with a sponge-tip wand applicator concealed in the tube.

Wetslicks Lip Gloss $5.49

3. Revlon's Super Lustrous lip glosses are also quite popular. These lip glosses are either sheer-colored or pigmented and they are formulated to be smooth and creamy, not sticky. They have a sponge-tip wand applicator in their tubes.

Super Lustrous Lip Gloss $5.18

4. Maybelline offers Wet Shine Diamonds Liquid, which feature light-reflecting micro-pearls, providing a sparkling diamond effect. These glosses are available in sheer to pigmented styles that offer radiant shine. They are not thick or sticky, but they include liquid moisturizers to keep lips smooth and moisturized. A sponge-tip wand applicator is included in the tube.

Wet Shine Diamonds Liquid Lip Gloss $2.29

5. Maybelline also has found popularity in its Lip Polish. It's unique, gel-based formula proclaims vivid shine, and features a variety of sheer and colorful shades. This tube comes with a sponge-tip wand applicator.

Lip Polish - disco brown $4.94

6. Maybelline's Shiny-Licious lip glosses provide a highly-pigmented, high-shine finish, while moisturizing lips. They are thick, long-lasting, but non-sticky. Shiny-Licious lip glosses feature a squeeze tube, with a soft sponge-covered slanted applicator.

shiny-licious $5.99

Hope these give you plenty of options to begin with.

Au revoir!