Reader Request - Kate Beckinsale

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Welcome back from the weekend. I was still enjoying my glorious time that I totally forgot to post...oops :-) I shopped so much guys with both my lovely friend Brandye and my mom and aunt. I think I over-did-it, but well, you only live once right? I can't wait to wear my new additions so I can post them for you....albeit 5 weeks later, LOL!!!

Anyhew, I received an email from fab Fashion Pad reader Angelle. Read her request below.

Hey Shanequa,

I really like the outfit that Kate is wearing in the picture I attached for you. Could you help me get the look for less. I love when you do that. But please spare me the extra accessory in her hand, I don't need the ciggy for less, lol.


No problemo Angelle. I actually like this outfit as well. But again, I'm a fan of Kate's fashion choices. She does casual rock chic and glam well. And you're so right, no need to add the cancer stick on board ;-) Check out the affordable options I found.

Lexington Cropped Oversize Shirt
This cropped top is so cute and reminds me of lazy summers. Just wear one sleeve off the shoulders.

Temple Design Sunglasses $4.80
Keep those harmful UV rays away with these oversized shades.

Black Layered Necklace $10.90
This necklace already has the necessary layers at a great price.

George - Women's Microfiber Cami

Layer a cami beneath the cropped top if you're not into the midriff baring crowd.....or if you're like me and refuse to traumatize the world, lol.

Left: Elastic Bead Bracelets $2.80
Right: White Shell Pearl Bracelet

Rockstar Bucket Bag $29.80
Fitting name for this casual rock chic style.

Legging Jean $29.95
These jeggings look like they're here to least for a couple seasons.

London Rebel Ankle Boot
$27.05 (on sale)
The price is oh so right on these neat ankle boots. I'm not one to advocate for boots in the summer...but I won't knock the trendy looks that work well with them.

I hope these options were to your liking Angelle. Happy shopping!

Au revoir!


Donita said…
Great finds!!!
Cassie said…
I'm pleasantly pleased that Forever21 made a purse like that. I think I want it ;0
Dee-Dee said…
That's a really cute outfit but I think it's way more appropriate for the fall. IDK
Rebecca said…
I agree wtih Dee-Dee