Reader Request - Backless Shirt

Greetings Fashion Padders,

I had a reader request from a fab reader but they didn't leave their name. See below:

Can you tell me what I can wear if the sleeves on my backless shirt keep falling down. I love your blog!!!

No problem! Actually the first thing you can do is create a strap across the back. See the picture below that illustrates this option.
Funktional white backless tee $72.00
You can cut a thin piece of fabric that is a couple of inches past the length of the opening of the top. Fold the piece in half, then stay-stitch the ends. Attach to the outer seam of the top by again stay-stitching the ends and voila', you have a functional top again!
You can also just shift the shirt over to create an off-the-shoulder style. This is perfect for short sleeve tops....that way, the top of your breast is covered with no potential peak-a-boo moments.
Cowl Neck Off Shoulder Shirt
This is a sexy style. For a more demure look, wear a fitted cami underneath to reveal a California chic style.
Lastly, if your top is similar to the one below, you can do the same thing as option number one, but create two straps and attached them over the shoulders.
Soft Joie Garland Off-The-Shoulder Ruffle Blouse
This style is really whimsical and extremely feminine. It's a tad bit dainty for me, but you can definitely add a vamped up style by complementing with statement earrings, an assortment of bangles, and several rings.
I hope this was helpful!
Au revoir!