New Additions

Greetings Fashionistas,

I just recently ordered 3 dresses from one my fave, affordable trendy . Then, as I was working out yesterday morning, I read in the July 2010 issue of Marie Claire that Asos is actually going to open a store stateside later this year....SWEEEETTT!!!!! I cannot believe my luck. Guess who will be making a trip to the brick and mortar store when it arrives...yours truly of course :-p I plan on perusing the vast array of delectable options in stock, and leaving with a vast array of delectable options in my possession, LOL! I can't wait! I only have two images of the dresses I bought the other day below. The third dress was sold out so I was unable to post it. However, when it arrives, I'll be happy to share. I'm so proud because it's another mulit-print dress to my wardrobe....I'm definitely on a roll.

I'm trying to get some more cute, flirty, and unique styles for the summer but I'm just not satisfied with what I've seen thus far.......ok, I take that back. I'm satisfied with some, but they're so darn expensive I won't be able to scoop up more than 3 dresses. Boo hoo :-(

Well, here's my random additions below.

ASOS Puff Sleeve Gold Button Jersey Dress $13.53 (on sale)
I liked this simple lightweight jersey dress with shoulder detail. I will push those sleeves up and keep it moving this summer. I doubt I'll have issues with being extremely stuffy. Ok, it could also be the cool price that lured me as well.

ASOS Bow Back Skater Dress $21.98 (on sale)
I thought this would be an easy going garment. You know, throw it on for a laidback weekend of shopping and meeting up with friends. The bow back detail is simply chic! I'm already envisioning my thong sandals, slouchy hobo, thin metal bangles, and long chain necklace as cool accessories.

Now I'm off to more shopping.....

Au revoir!