New Addition - Multi Print Dress

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Haaaaa! I located the 3rd dress I bought from Asos the other day. It will be a welcome addition to my "cool summer dresses" collection. I hope it arrives in time to rock it at a dinner I'm attending next weekend. *crosses fingers*
I awoke again to a sweltering heat, and now I'm getting concerned. A lot of people don't realize when they're dehydrated and they ignore their thirst. I highly recommend that you all hydrate constantly with either Gatorade, Powerade, or good old H20 throughout the day. I can't have my lovely readers suffering from heat exhaustion...or worse, heat stroke. Yikes, please stay safe :-)

ASOS Aquarell Print Dress $23.67 (on sale)

I can't believe I'm actually smitten over a print dress. But wait, I think it's because the burts of color remind me of a painting. Very art inspiring. Unfortunately, this item is now out of stock.

Au revoir!


Jennifer said…
Cute dress Shanequa. Can't wait to see how you style it.