Instant Outfit - Summerlicious

Greetings Fashion Padders,

So, as I got up early this morning to go work out with my bff, I almost passed out from the sweltering heat. What's the deal? The sun wasn't even up yet, SMH. Anyhew, I was thinking that I probably won't be wearing pants this summer.....especially jeans if I can help it. Talk about being a girly girl, I'm stocking up on breezy dresses, roomy shorts, rompers (of course), and maybe a couple of lightweight harem pants.

I'm going to a concert this upcoming weekend that begins at 4pm.....yikes!!! Anything I wear must be cool, super cute, and totally have built in air vents, LOL! I'm of course leaning towards a dress but I do have several cute rompers I haven't broken in yet. Below is an idea I have for the dress outfit.

SummerliciousFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Summerlicious by Fashion Pad featuring Stella McCartney dresses

Yes I do realize that the "dress" is actually a top but It's super long people......I really think it will benefit my vertically challenged stature if I wear it as a dress. I'm just argument is pretty valid, lol.

Au revoir!


Errin said…
OMG!!! I am head over heels in love with this outfit. I wish I could afford that top/dress.