Hot or Not - Pattern Mismatching

Greetings Fashion Friends,
I ran across a pic of Rihanna out and about with her bff Melissa. She was wearing a very intersting outfit to say the least and I thought I post and see what you guys thought about it. In addition, her fabolous heels are by non other than the uber talented Christian Louboutin and I can't find those suckers anywhere. I think they are from his fall collection because of the studs but I'm unsure. Drop me a line if you know ok.
I'm also not really sure about the juxtoposition of patterns here with this outfit. I like the fitted corset top paired with the flowy shorts, but the mismatch of patterns I'm not totally sold on. However, this chic still looks awesome and manges to make this outfit work for her. Her Christian Louboutins will definitely be spotted on more celebs by fall......I'm sure.

Here's a closer look at her fab heels.....simply divine!!!! What do you all think about her look?

Monica was the 1st celebrity I saw rocking these lovely gems when she performed the National Anthem at the NBA Finals Game 3 in Boston
Now I know they're probably going to costs over $1,000 dollars if his other studded heels give any clue to the price. I'm probably NOT going to be able to spend that so I decided to look and see if there was any look for less I could rock out was like a ghost city trying to find a shoe similar to the dazzling style above.

Elgort Studded Peep Toe $39.99
These peep toes are NO where near the fabulous design of the Louboutins.....but this is the closest I could find on the net....*shrugs shoulders*
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Janique said…
They are from his Fall 2010 collection. They are called Clou Noeud. Dawn Richard from Dirty Money and Vivica Fox have been seen in the black pair.
Check this post I recently did
Jennifer said…
Her style is crazy but you're right, it does work for her.
The shoes are from Louoboutin's Fall2010 Collection. They are called Clou Noeud. Monica, Dawn Richard from Dirty Money, and Vivica Fox have rocked them also.

Here is a post I did recently on the shoes...check it out.
Alyssa said…
I love her entire look! However, those Nine West heels will just not do.
Monique said…
This fly chic can do no wrong in my book. Go RiRi!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I agree with the posters. The way she carries her style allows her to totally step outside the box and it works for her. And yeah those nine west shoes are almost an insult to even try and compare ;-)!