Fearless Fashion

Greetings Fashion Divas,

So this past weekend I went out to dinner with Eric of Peacock Revolution and our friend Wynneshia. We had sooooo much fun! I bought this tank from H&M when I was in San Diego and I was so excited about wearing it but when I put it on, it was literally like a night gown. It was entirely too long and roomy. Strange, I didn't pick up on that in the store. So I of course I switched from jeans to leggings and paired it with a blazer to try and make the look more polished. I also finally rocked my wedges from Asos I bought a millenia ago. I've just got to do better.

We ate dinner downtown at a new Asian Fusion restaurant. It's officially my new spot, lol.

We went upstairs to the new movie theater and had an impromtu photo op.

*Ohhhh sigh* this tank fooled the heck outta me. I actually tried to scrunch the tank up at my waist but that didn't help too much. SMH

Eric rocked a really unique and stylish outfit.....per usual. We received several rude stars but who gives a crap. Fashion and personal style should be fearless.

So Eric and our friend Wynneshia went to see Sex and the City 2. I couldn't join them because I had a date. But I'll definitely get back out to see it. It's a fashion girl's movie.

Blazer: Zara; Tank: H&M; Leggings: Forever 21; Handbag: Cole Haan; Cuff: Hot Topic; Knuckle Rings: Forever 21; Wedges: Asos.com

BTW, these wedges gave my darn calves a SERIOUS workout. I felt like I was on stilts. It was insane! Yet, they still were very comfortable, which is odd...and they did not hurt my feet at all. I guess I'll risk the stilts again in the very near future, lol.

Au revoir!


Regina said…
Ohhhh those shoes are great. They don't look that high but if they are, how high is the heel?
Danielle said…
You look really good in these pics! Love the fit
Kristin said…
That tank is pretty cool! I think you got the size too large.