Who Rocked It???

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I had to post on this Brian Lichtenberg glitter hooded dress after seeing numerous celebs wearing this garment. To me, this dress has a Grace Jones feel to it. The defined shoulder, the short hemline, hood, and glittery material is right up her alley. The dress is sexy and quite glamorous. I'm honestly not a huge fan of it, but our young Hollywood set sure is. See below.

Eva Marcille is photographed at her 25th b-day party in this little mini.

Ciara looks really cute.

Lindsay Lohan looks a little ill-fitted to me in her hooded number, just a tad bit preggars.
Kim K rocked her garment in Vegas, fitting right in with all the glitz and glamour.

Trina also wore the popular dress at Miami's Sweetheart event this past weekend.
This dress retails for $575.00 . However, if that's not in your budget, feel free to check out an alternative like this cutie from Asos.com

Lipsy Gold Glitter Padded Shoulder Dress
$47.35 (on sale) http://www.asos.com/
There's no hood on this glittery frock but the deep open back is super hot and will make you appreciate the lack of a hood....trust! Also, remember to keep your accessories to a minimal and rock either a short bootie or a pump. This dress brings the "wow" all by its lonesome, no need for competing additions.

Which diva do you all think rocked this dress?
Pics courtesy of Life.com, Singer22.com
Au revoir!


Claire said…
I think Ciara looks adorable!
Regina said…
Kim K looks the best to me. Lindsay looks like a hot mess.
Nikki said…
I think Kim rocked hers best. She just looks great!