Weekend Recap

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Happy Monday!!! I hope you fabolous readers had a wonderful weekend. I attended my niece and nephew's dance recital and spent time with my hilarious family. Yesterday, I got lost in some much needed cleaning. Then I went to my softball game only to be told our game was canceled, yet again, due to bad weather. Hooray! LOL!

Well, I finally am posting the pics from the fashion show I attended a couple of weeks ago. In addition to the show, it was also the launch of a high fashion magazine called AV. I was quite disappointed with my outfit choice. I mean, I really wanted to look chic and glam but....well, I just had a freaking creative brain freeze. It's like I knew what I wanted to wear, but I just wasn't satisfied with anything in my closet. Weird huh? I just settled for an ill-fitted black sack dress. Seriously, it looks like a black potato sack. I can't believe I gave up on the style factor, especially with the city's fashion movers and shakers. SMH. In the end, I had fun. So there.

Wow, sorry for the dark pic. We got a chance to pose on the red carpet and take some fun photos.

My bestie looking at the newly launched mag. Check out her blog for some fun fitness and healthy food tips. She's doing great with her P90x plan.

My homie Dawana looked great. Don't forget to keep tabs on fashion styling at her Dress Haven .

Now on to the fashions.

I want this dress like yesterday. Too freakin' hot!

This particular graphic design style was prevalent on all the men's blazers in this young emerging designer's line.

Awesome example of the spring floral trend....a little on the short side but I like it ;-)

I tried to catch this model when she fell down but she popped up so got darn quick I had to give her mad props, lol!

The crowd was full of lovely fashionistas....male and female ;)

That's the absolute longest necklace I've ever seen!

This is the newly launched mag. Too hot!

It was really fun and there was a large turn out. But I will say the music sucked big time. That futuristic techno stuff really killed the vibe.
Dress: French Connection; Necklace: Boutique in New Orleans; Rings: street vendor; Clutch: Forever 21; Heels: Report Signature

Au revoir!