Sorry Guys

Greetings Fashionistas,

I'm sorry for the lack of posts but Wi-Fi sucks in my hotel. They do charge for internet access but the price is exhorbant in my opinion. I'm having a really good time. San Diego is a beautiful city and I wish I had more time to explore, but I am here for work so that limits my activities severely :-(

I will definitely get back to posting on Monday when I get back. Oh, please wish me luck b/c my freakin hotel is right next to a mall and there are so many lovely things to purchase. I'm trying to focus on the fact that I just have a carry on so I need to chill out, lol. I plan to go to another shopping mecca called Fsshion Valley today. I can't wait :-))) Well folks, I'm off to work...I'll talk to ya soon!

Au revoir!