It's Maxi Time!

Greetings Fashion Friends,

As I shopped around in San Diego I realized, after I bought a dress, that I have none done my annual maxi post. I think this is because I've decided NOT to live in maxis this summer because my new easy favorite, the romper, has taken over temporarily. Nevertheless, I still plan on rocking a couple per usual. Take a look at some cute, viable options below.

Streetwear Goddess Maxi Dress
I like the simple structure of this maxi. I know I stay on the solid colors, but just hear me out..... capitalizing on a simple garment with punchy accessories really separates style... from fashion. Trust!

Spaghetti Paisley Print Smoked V Neck Maxi dress
V neck maxis are interesting gowns. I love the colors and paisley print design. I just worry that the low cut style will have me checking my chest too often. But it's very cute and really affordable.

T-Bags Tie Front Long Dress
The cascading ruffles add interest to this maxi and I'm in love with the bright sunny color. A tie front is so sexy to me for some reason.

Smocked Tube Maxi Dress
$39.00 (on sale)
This casual smock is great for accessorizing. It provides the perfect blank canvas for gladiator sandals, a statement necklace, and boho chic bangles.

Patterson J. Kincaid Santa Monica Maxi Dress
This design caught my eye due to it's simple, yet alluring construction. I want to belt it and add sky high wedges.

Embroidered Maxi Dress $29.50
This cotton number is perfect for those scorching summer days. The bodice of the dress covers the bosom area really nicely. Some of us are more endowed than others and that extra support is greatly appreciated.

You guys just have to be proud of me and my new found interest in prints. I'm really serious about adding dizzying patterns to my closet, lol. This one shoulder design is really elegant.

Braided Halter Watercolor Maxi Dress

Beautiful, bright pattern. The halter style is super flattering to all shapes, right along with it's A-line silhouette. Now, if you're a little top heavy, you may want to add some extra support to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions ;-)

Catherine Malandrino One-Shoulder Pleated Silk Maxi Dress
I had to include this gorgeously designed silk maxi. I love the pleating, draping, one-shoulder style, and slim silhouette. The price may be jaw dropping, but it's fabulous! That rouching at the midriff is so on my list of wants for my wardrobe....this diet/workout plan is really taking a lot longer than I anticipated, LOL!

Au revoir


Rebecca said…
The 2nd and 3rd ones are my favorite.