Shoe Arrivals

Greetings Fashion Divas,

It's sooooo hard out here for a pimp. Becoming a home owner was a huge step for me. It definitely has it's pros and cons, but right now, I'm getting beat over the head with some of the cons. My roof has a leak in two spots, but thank goodness it hasn't come completely through the ceiling. Then I had to replace a side privacy gate because it decided to quit and no longer wants to do its job. Now, I found out I have to cut some trees around my home because its safer to keep their branches off my roof. Some of the trees are dead and need to be removed before they decide to fall down, possibly causing more damage................condo anyone????

Oh the agony, thank the good Lord these issues are not breaking the bank, but they sure are causing a dent :-) I had to smile when I realized that these problems still did not halt my shopping. I ordered several shoes in the past couple of weeks and I'm so happy that they're here. See below.

I bought the above wedes from They're super comfy and perfect for the warmer weather.

These heels are so badass. I like the tough chic style with the trendy cut outs. I'm a tad concerned about the lack of platform, because they have the potential to kill the soles of my feet. But I may just use them as a 'date' shoe ;) I bought them from

Oh what joy!!! This is my favorite pair of heels so far. The Dany platform from the Jessica Simpson Collection. These massive platforms are so comfortable. I got so many compliments the other night when I went to dinner with my friends. Hot!

I'm not through yet, I'll put up more pics in the next couple of days of my new arrivals.

Au revoir!


Unknown said…
OK, where did you find the Dany shoe? As far as I can tell they are sold out everywhere. I want them so bad! Also your ankle strap wedges, I have the exact same shoe, except purple zig zag from Charlotte Russe.
Fashion Pad said…
Hey Rae Michelle,

I found the Dany shoe on Jessica Simpson's website. Literally, there was probably a size 7 1/2 and a size 8 remaining when I purchased them. I haven't seen any more in stock because I would love to have the tan pair too :-)