Reader Request - Silver Dress

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Welcome back from the weekend. I have nothing fabolous to report to you all because I worked :-( but I do hope you all had a good weekend. Now I'm just counting down to my trip. I can't wait!!!

I have a reader request that I want to share with you all.

Okay, so my church is having their Homecoming and they want everyone on the planning committee to wear silver….WTH??? And they distinctly said no gray- so of course, I really want to do silver and red as an accent color (or maybe even blue- something that pops). Problem…where the hell do I find anything classy in frickin silver? I tried going to the local stores, but I don’t want to look like a Martian, I mean seriously. I’ve seen other sisters at the church looking on David Bridal’s website, but I don’t want to look like everyone else. Help!!!!

Okay, this is gonna be a little challenging. First of all, most silver or metallic dresses are available in the fall/winter season. Secondly, because it's for a church function it makes it even more difficult. Metallic dresses are notoriously short and fitted.

I've searched and searched and below are some of the web's best offerings.

Betty Jackson Silver Tulip Shape Shift Dress


I love the shape and cut of this dress. It is perfect for church.

Limited Edition Women's Woven Dress
$13.98 (clearance)
This is possibly the best deal on the web. And it's still available in all sizes.

Short Silver Metallic Foil Silver Cocktail Dress
A shawl would definitely be needed for this silver dress.

Simple and Classy Short Silver Dress
This style is a tad bit "homecoming" but it does look classy and just requires a shawl or short bolero.

The Socialite Satin Dress
This above dress is a little pricey, but if it's not out of the budget, go for it!

I hope the above selections help! Good luck!
Au revoir!