Missing Something???

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I had an awesome time in New Orleans with my mom this past weekend. I know she enjoyed herself, Happy Birthday Mom :-) . I will definitely get pics up shortly.
But in the mean time, I ran across this cute little dress, and I mean little, that I want to buy. However, I'm a tiny bit leery of making this purchase because I think my butt cheeks are going to be exposed if a soft breeze blows, lol!

Real McCoy Dress $33.00 www.lulus.com
It's a cute dress and I especially love the strappy detail across the back but it needs more material. I think the seamstress cut a bit too much but continued to sew anyways. Maybe if I were extremely thin and had a boyish shape I could pull it off. But since reality is the complete opposite, lol, I'll just hold off for now.
I don't know, what do you all think?
Au revoir!


Hi sweetie, glad you and your mum had fun, looking forward to seeing the pics! Your dress looks divine, why not wear thin black shorts underneath? They are a huge fashion statement this season anyhow! Sharon xx
Brooke said…
It looks pretty short but isn't that half the fun?????
Dana said…
I like this dress. It's affordable, cute, and short....enough said.
Fashion Pad said…
That's a good recommendation Sharon, but I'm concerned with taking away from the dress' style by adding the shorts. I may try it anyways just to see if it's something I can work. Loves ya!!!