Instant Outfit - Elephant Lashes

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

I love this shirt that I saw while creating sets on I was going to purchase it quite swiftly but it's a foreign site and they don't ship to the US.....dang!

I went ahead and styled a quick, casual look with the top just for fun. Although I'm quite saddened that I can't scoop it up, at least I'll be able to imagine how I'd rock it. Oh no, this attempt to appease my psyche is NOT working at all, lol.

Man I needed that shirt in my life to channel my inner casual rock star style. The lashes remind me of an elephant's lashes...just over the top. I can see myself running some errands looking absolutely chic! I'm gonna need the boutique to get aboard the international sales train ASAP!

Au revoir!


Anonymous said…
I love this instant outfit. I wish that I could afford that tee too!