Hot or Not - Purple AND Pink

Greetings Fashion Friends,

One of my favorite fashionistas, Lucy Liu, wore a very interesting dress last evening at the Actors Fund Gala in N.Y.C. The dress is reported to be a design of Ina Soltani, a Bosnian-born fashion designer. Lucy Liu smartly pairs the dress with minimal jewelry and understated, but elegant pumps.

Now I certainly love the style of the dress with the gorgeous ruffled bodice and tapered waist, however, the color scheme is what has me questioning whether or not it's hot. What do you all think? Is this cocktail dress hot or not???

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Au revoir!


Jennifer said…
Yeah I don't believe I like this dress. From the waist up it's really cute, but that's about it.
Jaime Marie said…
It would have been better if the colors were reversed. The stunning pink would have served so much better on top.

Denice said…
Girl that dress in black would be so on point!!! Not liking the two toned colors