Feeling Caged In

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Do you know when it's time for you to get away? I certainly do. Every little thing becomes such a chore. Like I literally had to drag my behind outta bed this morning. I have several important meetings to attend this morning where I have some things to present and I did not prepare at all. I get easily distracted all day long and I start shopping a little too much (ok, more than normal) to find "something to do". Yeah, it's time for a mini vacay and because I know I have one coming up, it's making it doubly hard to focus these days, lol.

So me and Eric chilled late this weekend because he happened to be 7 hours late to my birthday BBQ we just kicked it at the house browsing fashion shows. Sounds boring to you....but it was super orgasmic for us :-) Here are some shots below, my outfit is actually from a dinner date we went on a while ago because I was in my jammies when he finally arrived. Love you boo! LOL!

LMBO....this is Eric's "I'm a starving model" pose. Hi-la-ri-ous!!!

Jean Blazer: Wet Seal; Tank, Pants, and Shoes: Forever 21; Handbag: Barneys New York; Rings and Earrings: Charlotte Russe
Au revoir!


April said…
Your heels are really hot.