Fab Getaway!!!!!

Greetings Fashion Comrades,

I have an absolutely lovely getaway to share with you guys. Unfortunately, this is the last week to enter. I'm sorry about the short time frame, but I just found out about it :-(

The getaway is to the Festival de Cannes. The campaign, from Stella Artois, is based on a story that French film producer/director Jacques D’Azur has gone missing and an heir to his lavish weekend at Cannes is being sought out. http://j.mp/JacquesGone

The chosen heir will live out the weekend in style just like Jacques. Round trip first class tickets, stay in a five star hotel, a personally tailored suit or dress for the winner, tickets to an opening or closing gala at the Palm D’or Awards and exclusive VIP festival screenings is just a taste of the lavish weekend ahead for the winner.

Please go here for all details and to enter, http://bit.ly/JacquesdAzur!

This sounds freakin' exciting people!!! I'm going to enter the contest. Wish me luck and good luck to you all too. If anyone wins I really hope it's a Fashion Pad reader ;-)

Au revoir!