Ciara - Givenchy Muse

Greetings Fashion Junkies,

R&B songstress Ciara hit the red carpet for the premiere of the movie comedy Death at a Funeral the other night. She looked fresh faced and super fit.

I quickly zeroed in on her shoes and wondered who they were designed by. Then I remembered that she is a muse of Givenchy so I just looked for the shoes on the luxury sites and lo and behold I found them.

Givenchy Ruched Leather Wedge Sandals
These are pretty hot, but they're like bondage bands for your feet. I expect my shoe size to decrease by 1 foot after I finish wearing them. Lol!

Image spotted at

Au revoir!


Anonymous said…
I think I've seen some wedges similar to these at Baker's for $79.95. I actually like the Baker's pair better.