Blush Colored Hobo

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I gave a really hot blush colored bag to one of my best friends last year. It was a large Betsey Johnson leather bag and really cute! I thought I could easily find another but I was sadly mistaken. It took me a little over a year to find another one that I'm smitten over. Of course I've been looking sporadically so I may have missed several, lol. Check out my new love below.

Botkier Venice Hobo


Now under the description, they label the color as "naked" but it looks blush to me....which is what I'm sticking with. The bag has plenty of pockets and compartments so I'm too excited! I hope I can get it soon, I'm heading on a couple of trips next month and I want to be rocking this bag.

Do you guys like it?

Au revoir!


Stephanie said…
Cute, but it's a little trendy with the zippers.
Franchesca said…
Ohhh, this bag is really lovely!!! I think I want it too.