The Big Easy

Greetings Fashionistas and Happy Friday,

So as promised I've included various pics from me and my super mom's trip to the Big Easy. I had to pick and choose because we took a gang of pictures :-) We had the best time and besides that timeshare gafe *rolling my eyes* we had a darn near perfect mini vacay. We stayed on Canal St. in the French Quarter.


We posed by some random statue along Canal St.

Me and my fabolous mommy!!!

We had a good shopping day!

Blazer: Macys; Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs; Tank: Gypsy 05 at; Shorts: Macys; Necklace: Forever 21; Cuffs: Hot Topic; Handbag: Elliott Lucca; Sandals: Forever 21

We had to hit up Bourbon St. to see what all the hype was about. A lot of bars and tourist shops......I don't drink but I dooooo shop, lol!

Interestingly decorated car along Bourbon St. The driver was even more interesting but she was a little intoxicated so I was nervous about taking her pic.

According to our tour guide, New Orleans is known for their wrought iron balconies and they use the purest products in the world so they don't rust...ever.

We also went to the 9th Ward, where the floods from Hurricane Katrina damaged a lot of the city. The French Quarter is actually on higher ground so that part of the city did not flood.

Over half the city's population left and have yet to return. The one's who have returned are working hard to rebuild the city.

This hurricane came through in 2004 and their is still a lot of damage and destruction.....New Orleans AND Haiti need your help.

We toured their famous cemeteries and I'm not ashamed to say I did not want to leave.....because of the beauty of the tombs people

Sunglasses: Christian Dior; Necklace: Forever 21; Maxi dress: Love Couture; Sandals: Zara

What's amazing about these tombs are that some of them housed different families within one tomb and you would think it would only be 2-3 bodies........try 100s!!!!!

Waiting on the streetcar. Besides walking of course, it's the best transportation around the French Quarter....make sure you get the $5 day pass, it's just more cost
Fedora: Forever 21; Earrings and Necklace: African vendor; Men's Shirt: Urban Outfitter's; Cuff: gift; Cuffed Shorts: Zara: Gladiator Sandals: Forever 21

Creole cooking at its finest. The food was okay. Everyone told me its just to die for but my mother and I didn't eat anything that made us want to write home about it.

A tourist mecca

The architecture is reminiscent of the early French rule of Louisiana.

So apparently I'm slightly addicted to the beignet from Cafe du Monde. I ordered like 9 and my mom had 3 of do the math.
Earrings and Necklace: African vendor; Maxi dress: Love Couture; Cuff: gift; Knuckle ring: French Market; Handbag: Elliott Lucca; Sandals: Forever 21

Eating yet another beignet, lol! I actually bought the mix so I can make it at home some time!

The red trolley provided our transportation needs.

Last day, you know we had to get in one more shopping excursion before we left, lol!
Au revoir!


Cynthia said…
I love, love, love your first outfit!!! I'm gonna steal it. Thanks!
Tosha said…
You guys looked like ya'll had fun! Cool!
Ericka said…
New Orleans is one of my all time favorite US cities to visits. I love all your outfits ;)