An Artist's Stroke

Greetings Fashion Friends,

It can definitely be said that fashion is a form of art. I mean, the attention to detail, the lines, the cuts, the drapes, the color schemes....they all tie together to create a fabulous garment. In addition, designers get their inspiration from the world around them so fashion is an expression of life.

Lately, I have been noticing an art form that's trending on dresses......abstract painterly prints.

Lucy Liu looked awesome leaving Good Day New York in her watercolor print. Molly Simms was cute in her floral abstract print dress at the launch of her collection at Henri Bendel's in NYC

EmmyRossum attended the Ecco Domani Fashion Party in N.Y.C. in a watercolor print garment.

This style adds interest to the garment and in some cases, like all artwork, even sparks a conversation. I'm steadily focusing on more prints to sort of step outside of my little box. I know what works for me and I don't intend to go to much to the left, however, I'm always game for trying new things.

Check out some nice prints below.

The Art Curator Dress
I'm really loving the purple undertones on this abstract dress.

Watercolor garden Bridget dress
The name of this garment accurately matches the print on this dress. I feel like I'm looking at a painted garden.

Special Request Dress
I think the 3 flowers at the waist are a bit much, maybe they could have been a solid color for a better contrast effect. However, I still think the dress is divine.

Color Brushed Wrap Dress
This is my absolute favorite of the bunch. The abstract paint strokes are right on point. I also love the spring time colors. Too cute!!!

ASOS Bright Hitched Hip Dress
I almost bought this the other day when I was ordering some new dresses. I don't know why I didn't but I'm starting to rethink my decision.....slightly.

Anemone Dress $38.00
The short hemline is complemented with a demure scoop-neck bodice.

Peter Pilotto Aks Dress
Sorry, I had to add this dress. The price is steep but it is the epitome of this art work. I love the color scheme, the draping, the cuts, and the design. It's just simply fabulous!!!

Au revoir!


Syrai said…
I am actually really impressed with the dress from Forever 21. Unbelievable!