Reader Request - Killer Look for the Ex

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

It is a very yucky morning as it had been raining like no body's business here in the O. Not a good way to start the work week as I had to literally drag my behind outta bed this morning. Geesh!

Well I have a reader request to share with you all this morning. I'm a tad bit behind on posting this so I hope it's still relevant.


I have these Michael Kors shoes and leggings I've attached below, can you help me with ideas for a cute top? I'm going to a party where "the ex" will be.

I sure can. I love those heels by the way :-) As a general guide, when wearing leggings it is best to complement them with a top that hits right at or just below the hip. In other words, cover your booty. Below are some tops I found on the web to give you some ideas.

This combination above is my favorite go to for leggings and platforms. A "I'm chic and in control" blazer and a tank underneath. This combination is polished and really sexy because it exudes power. I would suggest you push up the sleeves of the blazer for a fun look and do it big with your accessories.
Blazer: Premium Wool Flannel Power Shoulder Blazer $76.92 (on sale)
Tank: Simple Sleeveless Top $9.80
Waterfall Wrap Top
I added this top to the list because of the deep v-neck. How cute! You can really play up your accessories with this top as it acts as a blank canvas.
Belted One Shoulder Silk Top
I really like this top because it's a high fashion style, at a very affordable price. Also, the one-shoulder trend is huge for spring. Showing a little skin is extremely sexy and definitely peaks interest.
Off the shoulder top
The above top is super sexy and comes in multiple colors but I could only get this particular one posted. If you want a more fitted look, belt it!
Embellished One-Shoulder Silk Tunic
Another one-shoulder top with a graphic print.
Metal Tube Embellished Mesh Insert Top
I really like this sexy top and the inserts are classy and not too revealing. The metal embellishments are super cute and very atypical.....loves it!

I hope these tops help you achieve the look you want to impart!!!
Au revoir!