Just Draping

Greetings Fashion Pad Divas,

Today I've decided to post some pics of me working on projects at school. Now usually I keep it to myself because I'm really not that good with the fashion design part of my program, but well, my classmates pointed out that the process is still worth seeing.
So on the other night we learned how to drape and create a bodice with princess seams and darts. No one really uses princess seams anymore for design. There usually reserved for costume creations. Darts are what give the garment a really close fit and generally are important in women's wear. For homework, we were assigned a halter type bodice and we had to learn how to curve the fabric and create a neckline. I'm so handicapped when it comes to the clothing construction portion but I'm really good at draping the fabric. See below.

Right up top is my finished bodice with the princess seams. I'm soooo proud, lol!

My classmates are retarded!!! Our teacher was a little impatient with everyone for some reason or another but we still managed to have fun.........and sneak in a couple of photos while she wasn't looking, lol!

I need to seriously invest in a dress form. These little buggers are really useful.

Top: Banana Republic; Dress Pants: Bloomingdale's



Jackie said…
Looks like fun
D. Linton said…
Lmao...Dexter and CC are soooo silly...wait someone is missing....ME!!!!