All Grey'd Out.....Sort of!


So I obviously was preoccupied and unable to get to this post until late this evening. I'm slightly annoyed because I had the most challenging time accessing the internet at my hotel and then, when I was in a good spot to jump online, I couldn't because of the nature of my work this weekend. It was intense, it was entertaining (and not always in a good way), and it was fast-paced. Once again I'm sorry for being super behind, but it was honestly out of my control :-(

I did create another outfit for your viewing pleasure and I coincidently wore grey all weekend as indicated in my set but I did not take any pics. I know friends, it is really sad as I have a freakin' blog..........honestly, I don't know what I'm thinking sometimes. SMH

The yellow pumps in this set are daring, to say the least. I believe in shocking the masses or adding a sharp, contrasting color to keep their eyes glued on me, whether it's critical or approving! A blazer, tank, and jeans are classic yet chic and modern. Throw on a statement necklace and contrasting hue using either a handbag or shoes to add some interest :-)

Au revoir!


gant jeans said…
Absolutely nothing wrong with grey! i love wearing grey
Patricia said…
I actually prefer light grey during the spring and summer. Lovely outfit!