Weekend Recap - Superbowl Miami

Greetings Fashionistas,

So for the next couple of days, I'll just post some random outfit pics from my Superbowl weekend festivities. I'll try to keep them in the order that they were worn. I really made it in to South Florida on Thursday but I stopped briefly to visit a lovely guy friend of mine who I just may decide to keep around, lol. Nah, he's great. On Friday, I then proceeded to travel down to the bustling Miami metropolitan area. I've included afternoon shots and evening shots below.
Purple Tank: Wet Seal; Black Tank: Macy's; Shorts: Forever 21; Necklace: Forever 21; Cuffs: Hot Topic; Handbag: Cole Haan; Sandals: Traffic
We were straight chillin' during the day time. I ran errands with my friend and did a little shopping.
Ok, I'm ready for the nightlife. For some odd reason I actually look fit right here. It must be the stance, lol.
Top: Forever 21; Shorts: Bloomingdale's; Clutch: Barney's New York; Cuffs: Hot Topic; Heels: Chinese Laundry
Getting ready to go out with our friends to some body's party.
Contrary to this pic, we did not have any drinks that evening. We actually ended up at Common's private concert at the Eden Rock hotel. However, we were late as heck.

Ladies in black....my friends Rashani, Brandy, and me

Serena Williams was there of course. I found out that pictures really don't do her justice. She's really a pretty lady.

Actor Larenz Tate leaving Common's event. I didn't realize he had such a small stature and build.

There's always one right? SMH



Jennifer said…
Love the top and shorts, that last guy's outfit is too funny :)
Anonymous said…
That necklace in that first pic is fire! Sometimes you can find some hot items in Forever 21
Rebecca said…
I like Serena but she could have done better with her shoe selection. Just a thought!