Trying to Find Her Place

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Now while I'm not one of those bloggers that like to slander a person's name or say mean things about them, I will offer a critique every now and then. For example, lately, Leona Lewis has really been wearing some......attention seeking garments lately. I'm not sure what her PR team is cooking up but I'm thinking she's just really trying to find her place in a market saturated with the Lady Gaga's and Rihanna's of the world.

Take a look at her recent garbs below and let me know what you all think. I'm leaning towards a continual search for the right fit. I don't believe she's got it quite yet. Love you anyways Leona.

Arriving for the 2010 Brit Awards. It looks like the dress was initially intended for Lady Gaga. She's still a pretty girl though.

At the Elle Style Awards.......oh those gloves and those shoes. The dress is also a tad bit too long for this look.

At the Love Ball in that chocolate vinyl???

Things that make you say hmmmmm!



Rebecca said…
I think out of all these pics I can honestly say I really like her hair in the last pic with the shiny outfit. Everything else gets a thumbs down.