Tad Bit Wintry....again

Greetings Fashion Divas,

Those cold fronts just keep rolling in but it's all good right? Spring is fighting to get its foot in the door and I cannot wait to pry the hinges off to let her in :-) Oh bother! Currently I'm at my desk working on the blog when technically I probably should be working on my patients. But wait, it's a rare opportunity that I get to log on to blogger (it's usually banned) so I'm using my mid-morning "break" as the perfect opportunity to make updates.

I think I'm going to join Twitter at some point. However, I just really feel that the next big thing is right around the corner so I probably should wait since I'm a little behind on the Twitter bandwagon.....heck, I don't even have a seat cause it's standing room only. We'll see, I just gotta think about this some more.

Jacket: Forever 21; Scarf: Burlington Coat Factory; Dress: Off Saks Fifth Avenue; Hangbag: Cole Haan; Boots: Gift