Reader Request - Wiggle Hem Dress

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I am so behind on my reader requests it's not even funny. I apologize friends, but life is so chaotic right now. I've just finished my finals at school and I have been in charge of a gang of projects at work. Can you believe that I have even brought home work consistently over the past few weeks in preparation of some things on the job? Let's really talk about stress. However, please not that I'm certainly not complaining because that clearly represents job stability in my opinion, but I wanted to let those of you who sent me reader requests know what's going on. Love you guys!

Now let me share a request that was sent several weeks ago from Fashion Pad Reader Janelle:


I want this dress that Ciara has on but I know it's gonna be out of my budget. Could you tell me who makes it anyway? I like the feminine, futuristic, design.

Okay Janelle, no problem. This was a little difficult for me at first. However, I searched for the date that Ciara wore the above dress, which was November of 2009, and you know during this time she was wearing several styles similar to Rihanna because they shared the same stylist, Mariel Haenn. So I then just searched some of Mariel's favorite designers; Alexander Wang, Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander Vaulthier, Rick Owens, and Jeremy Scott.

I hit it on the money with Jeremy Scott. Ciara's wearing a dress similar to his Fall 2009 RTW collection . I'm unsure what the price is, but dresses in his past lines usually ran around $500 - $600 dollars.

I did find a lovely affordable alternative below if you're interested:

ASOS Wiggle Hem Dress $93.48
Cute feminine, futuristic dress for a fraction of the price.

Cute dress that I'm now interested in purchasing, lol.


Gio Goi Jackets said…
Gorgeous dress! I love it!