One Skirt......4 Different Ways

Greetings Fashionistas and Happy Friday,

I'm feeling like doing a little styling today so I challenged myself to style a garment 4 different ways and I know when you look at the culprit, you will see that I went with a safe item. Yeah, yeah I know I'm such a wimp. But I just test the waters first before I dive in. Well, how about this....from here on out, I'll randomly pick a really hot, yet difficult item to style just for kicks and giggles. I'm sure it'll help both you and me to really maximize what's in our wardrobe. This should be fun!!!!!!!
Below is the garment I chose to work with:

RM by Roland Mouret Gaea Stretch-Cotton Skirt


One Skirt....4 Different Ways - Part III

One Skirt....4 Different Ways - Part II

One Skirt....4 Different Ways - Part IV

One Skirt....4 Different Ways

Yeah, this was pretty fun. Now that I conquered my wimpy challenge, I'll tackle prints and different patterns next.....YIKES, LOL!!!!