On To Work

Greetings Fashion Divas,

It's a busy day for your girl and I'm struggling already. I have to finish packing this morning and get to work on time because I have several meetings this morning. Hopefully, they will be over by 12pm and I will be able to leave work, run a couple of errands, go back to the job, then hopefully escape a little early today so I can get on the road. Whew!

I hope since I'm leaving a little early, and a couple of days ahead of "prime time" Superbowl festivities, I will have a relatively stress free travel experience. We'll see.

Today I've decided to go with a smart, business casual look so that I appear professional, chic, and comfortable (I'll be in meetings for quite some time).

I prefer wide leg slacks because they balance proportions really well and they tone done the "office sex kitten" look that tapered and straight leg pants can sometimes give off.

I'm clearly on the phone while taking these pics.

Here's a close up of the shirt, cardigan, and belt combination. It says "I'm casually board room ready". LOL!

Cardigan - Forever 21; Ruffled Collar Button Down - Banana Republic; Belt - Mango; Handbag - Cole Haan; Slacks - Barney's New York; Heels - Burlington Coat Factory



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