Graphic Print Dress

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I'm a little disturbed this morning. I was working on an awesome post regarding my Superbowl weekend and Blogger completely erased my post >:-( I mean it just went to my Dashboard in the middle of me typing. Talk about deep breathing exercises to calm the nerves. Uggghhh!!!

Anyhew, I started searching the retail sites to give myself a lift and low and behold I came across this fabulous tank dress. The graphic print is so eye catching, yet it doesn't over power the wearer because the color scheme is subtle with those earth tone tints. I'm thinking about ordering this ASAP!!! But then I'm going to have to wait to wear it because the wintry weather is still knocking at my door. Oh decisions, decisions!!!

Lotta Stensson Printed Jersey Tank Dress


Can you all just imagine this dress with some thong sandals, large, obnoxious sunglasses, and a huge straw bag. I cannot wait for warmer weather!!!!



Eva said…
I'd pair it with the exact items you described. Can't wait for summer!
notanymore said…
My problem with this print is that it is a huge bullseye drawing attention straight to the tummy! Not exactly the most brilliant of targeting...