Feeling Completely Blue

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend! I feel a whole lot better today, but I probably need a day or two more before I'm 100% better. I went to the mall for some retail therapy this past weekend and I purchased another handbag. Yeah, I know I'm headed out of town but geesh, Furla was having a fabulous sale....60% off select handbags. And to my surprise, one of the select handbags was a bag that I had been stalking for a while anyways. What are the odds???
Blue is my absolute favorite color and I don't have a blue bag in my arsenal. For obvious reasons, the color blue needs to really be done correctly or it'll possibly end up looking cheap. The style and cut of this bag is perfect for what I need and the royal blue color is an added bonus.
I just go gaga over Italian leather. I don't know what it is about this particular brand. Well, on second thought, I like that no one really knows who they are and they've been around since like 1927 or something like that. In addition, their bags are always fashioned after classic shapes which continues to make them relevant. Gotta love it!


Anonymous said…
Nice.....but how much?