Fashion Week Pics

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I wasn't able to attend Fall 2010 Fashion Week due to work and school but one of my besties just happened to be there for the opening. She got some great pics for us and I'm happy to share them below. Thanks B for being my fashion correspondent. Love ya!!!

Not sure what this guy is trying to accomplish. Disturbing.....

Check out Robert Verdi, fashion stylist to the stars.

The life of a celebrity stylist

There's definitely room for ummmm,......artistic expression during fashion week.

Awww, Ms. Jay (from America's Next Top Model). He's quite tall.

Oh me oh my.....wish I was there. One day *whimpering uncontrollably*

Thanks again B!



Anonymous said…
Laughing histerically at the dude from the Swamp Thing movie. He's clearly an extra. LOL..