Weekend Recap - New Year's Eve

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Happy Monday everybody!!! It's time to start the first true week of 2010 and I'm excited. I'm so blessed and I really want to make the most out of what God has done for me. No more sweatin' the lil stuff....things could always be worse.

So as most of you know, I went to Washington DC for New Year's with my homegirls. We ended up at a party at some club called The Park at 14th St....or something like that. It was okay, I just realize that I'm on my grown woman tip right now so clubbin' and partying are becoming less and less appealing to me. I gotta find something else to hold my interest cause I don't want to be an old maid.
Anyhew, check us out below. These pics are going to be a little random b/c I have no idea why my internet is acting up. I'll also have to update with the rest of them when my internet gets right:
Yeah I was gettin' it on in the club......per usual
My girl Brandye was killin' the fierce diva look. Ummm, random club security guy that just flocked to our clique. He was cool though.
Such lovely friends. Wow, I'm soooo retarded, I don't even know how to hold my glass. LMBO!
The ETOH was flowing. You know I was designated as the driver cause I don't drink. But then we ended up taking a taxi there anyways.
Miss Brandy was killin' 'em in the soft cheetah print dress. LOVED IT!!!
Our friend's house was really nice. We took over and got dressed there for the night. Poor guy......or lucky guy, whichever way you see it :-)
Dress: French Connection; Boots: Zara; Earrings: Forever 21
Sorry, I could have really brightened this pic before I posted it. It's rather dark.

Yeah, we had to start out with the room looking ransacked, lol! You know how it gets when you all are trying to get dressed.

Like I said, I'll be back with more pics.



Anonymous said…
Ooh hoo, ya'll was killin' 'em! Can you ask your girl where she got that cheetah dress from? It's sassy yet subtle. Thanks for sharing!