Technical Difficulties

Greetings Fashion Friends,

My computer and I are fighting, so I'm going to give her time to cool down before I am able to resume my downloads of the photos from my cruise. I'm too upset with her to continue right now. I mean, she did some things she shouldn't have done, and I said some things I probably shouldn't have said. We just need to regroup and try to work it out later. LOL! I swear it feels like my computer and I argue sometimes :-)

Please check back later for my pics okay. In the meantime, check out this fabulous handbag I have been dilligently stalking below.

Vanessa Bruno Crinkled leather day tote
$328.00 (on sale)
An awesome every day carryall! Love the color, the crinkled leather look, and the price. It was originally $820.00 (60% discount).
I'll see you guys back here later on this afternoon (or early evening). Just depends on how stubborn my computer is :-)


Anonymous said…
You're silly. Love the bag.