Instant Outfit - blazers

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Looks like I'm back on my blazer obsession again. A couple of days ago it was the sequin blazer and now I'm creating outfits that will surely appeal to my fixation. It's still too cold to break these options out without layering underneath and on top so I'll just hold out experimenting in real life. Take a look, feel free to say yeah or nay. Fashion is art but it is subject to criticism, lol.

Bond....James Bond
Bond....James Bond by Fashion Pad featuring Valentino shoes

I think it's foolish to not contrast flirty pieces. The ruffles on this jumpsuit actually complement the tailored tuxedo blazer fabulously. I would suggest to leave it unbutton.

Untitled by Fashion Pad featuring Splendid

Whenever you do metallics try to make sure it stands alone against a sort of muted background. The colors in this set are probably a little too muted, but I did not want to compete with the bling of the metallic tank.

80s strong shoulder
80s strong shoulder by Fashion Pad featuring Emilio Pucci shoes

That maillot is so fierce I just had to add it to a set. Notice the angular shoulders on the blazer.....H-O-T! The color only adds fuel to the fire.

Lace up Booties
Lace up Booties by Fashion Pad featuring Fendi bags

The blue blazer just pops against the black, white, and grey. Super cute lace-up booties!

I love Polyvore because I can create outfits that costs more than my entire paycheck just to see what it'll look like......if I truly was a baller :-) And for some reason, I fail to get instantaneously depressed if I can't afford a Balmain design.....strange, yet comforting.

As you can see, I still haven't given up my fascination with ankle boots either. They really toughen up an otherwise soft and feminine look. Ohhhh, how I love fashion!!!!!!!



Regina said…
I can see myself wearing every single outfit. Thumbs up!