Heel Action

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

It's great to be back in the States but in the same breath, it's hard to see the end of my fabulous mini vacay. I enjoyed the Bahamas immensely and my friends and I had a wonderful time. We took so many pictures it's insane. I'm currently trying to filter through them and organize them into events that occurred on day 1, day 2, etc. Hopefully I'll have everything organized by this evening so I can post pics starting tomorrow.

While on the ship, we attended several parties and dressed up for dinner. Of course I'm always checking out the fashionistas that I encounter wherever I go. I take pics of their outfits when I can but mostly I'm inspired to write about something I've seen. What I noticed heavily this past weekend was shoes that had an interesting design on their heel. Usually when you see a nice heel it's like, oh those are nice. However, when you see the back design on them it really adds pizazz to the entire look.

I tried to search for some affordable heels that featured the lovely heel action design. Most shoes with a unique pattern, shape, or color on the heel were designed by premier designers......not pocket friendly. I did find a couple to get my search started. Take a look below.
Tristano Black Suede $99.95 www.stevemadden.com
This heel has a very trendy design because studs are all the rage right now.

Veronica Printed Platform Pump $149.00 www.bebe.com
This platform already has an eye catching color but you're sure to keep them watching as you walk away with the intricate patterned heel.

Foxcity Open-Toe Platform Pumps
The cheetah print takes this pump to another level.

Andrea & Joen - Women's Daze Pattern Leather Heels

$120 (on sale) www.80spurple.com
The entire sole of this shoe matches the design on the heel but I still think they're worth featuring. Cute contrast!



Angela said…
I like the pumps from Bebe. They're neat-o.
Shenika said…
Those studded heels remind me of a vintage pair that I found in Chi-town but never purchased. I kick myself everytime I think of it. I may need to get these since they closely resemble the ones I let pass me by. Thanks!