Grey Fringe

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

It is quite chilly in sunny Florida and I'm certainly loving it. Decided to break out this scarf that I bought from Zara last season but have never been able to wear. It's really huge and know, like a good handbag, lol. We're actually having to wear layers down here and that's just so weird.

Cardigan Sweater - Zara; Scarf - Zara; Black wrap sweater - Forever 21; Black long sleeved t-shirt - Nordstrom's Rack; Leggings - Target; Handbag - Cole Haan; Boots - Zara

These boots are so comfy that they are officially my "go to" boots of the season. I can wear them as knee boots or as thigh highs. So hopefully you all don't get tired of seeing me in them :-) If you do happen to get tired of bad!



Sarah said…
That scarf is huge, lol. But I do like the combined look.