Flash of Color

Greetings Fashionistas,
Happy Friday good people!!! It's another chilly day in the O.....Yippie!!!
I've been digging the all black look lately. Something about the winter weather that makes me want to flock to black and grey. Adding some color is a must or I'll continue to look like the Grim Reaper.

I don't understand how you have a sweater that's so low cut. I bought this online from Urban Outfitters thinking it was just a regular v-neck. However, as you can see (sorry for the ta-ta exposure), it's super low. I guess people still want an element of sex appeal although they'll be bundled up most of the time. It's like wearing lingerie even though know one's going to see it. It makes you feel good. Anyways, I only paid $5.00 for it :-)

Okay, this beautiful blue scarf makes me feel a little more alive today. My friend and I are going to go window shopping today. I don't know how I'm going to accomplish that successfully cause it's hard for me to go in any shop and not purchase a thing. Clearly this wasn't my idea.
Scarf - Off Saks Fifth Avenue; Wrap Sweater - Forever 21; Black Fitted Sweater - Urban Outfitters; Leggings - American Apparel; Boots - Zara; Handbag - Cole Haan



Dana J said…
That bag is fire! I'm looking for the perfect carryall but I'm leaning towards Rebecca Minkoff cause she has a lot of compartments in her bags.