Day 2 - Bahamas

Greetings Fashionistas,

Here are some more pics from my trip. I tried to wear as many outfits as possible in one day because my lame behind hasn't really gone anywhere lately. So I'm slowly getting to the garments I've purchased months ago and have never worn. But I'm gearing up to take a lot more trips this year so they will be getting a lot of attention shortly........exciting.
Pics are a little disorganized but you'll still be able to follow. Once we arrived at Nassau we went shopping, then we headed to a party on a private beach. Fun times!

I love the Bahamas. I actually bought items for people other than myself.....what a milestone!!!

This is the famous Atlantis resort in Nassau. We planned to go tour it but we didn't get a chance because we took so much time shopping at the straw market. I heard it's drop dead gorgeous and a lot of famous people have stayed there...ohhhh, awwww.

Ja'kim and I are good for setting up random photo shoots

Shirt: Zara; Belt: Charlotte Russe; Sunglasses: Versace; Earrings: Forever 21; Sandals: Zara

Beautiful beaches....cold water

Yes, before anyone even says anything, I do realize that bag doesn't really go with my fit but I only brought one

Me and my BFF

Fedora: Forever 21; Maxi Dress: forgot (sorry); Handbag: Elliott Luca; Sandals: Zara

I don't know what I'm doing...but I do know my retarded best friend in the background is gonna get it for jumping in my pic :-)

Jumped on some random dude's motorcycle for a photo opp, lol.

Jumpsuit: gift; Belt: Charlotte Russe; Swimsuit: Macys; Sunglasses: Versace; Ring: Charlotte Russe; Sandals: Zara



Tanya said…
Lovely outfit ladies. looking very stylish.