Would You Wear Newsprint Jeans???

Greetings Fashion Followers,

Don't forget that today marks the last day for numerous retail store's "Guaranteed Delivery by Christmas" policy. I know I have had to use this guarantee because my niece and nephews appear to only want items that are extremely hard to find. I just can't see myself driving all over creation looking for gifts.

However, that still won't stop me from shopping 'til I drop today. My mom and I plan to really do some damage........then cry about it later. LOL!

On another note..............

I spotted this pic of Rihanna and she's seen here overseas in Paris. Question, would any of you wear newsprint jeans? I'm on the fence with this one because I do understand the bold and brass attitude it takes to step outside of the fashion box, but printed items tend to add unwanted pounds in that area......just an observation.

I am loving her jacket!

pic spotted at People.com

Happy Shopping!



TartanBoots said…
I would wear the jeans maybe
if they were darker

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