What I Want Now!!!!!!

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

It's that time again to post my fashion stalking options. This time around, I'm hitting a little low cause I have a ton of Christmas gifts to purchase. But then again, I'll be back I'm sure next week with something else.....actually, I'll probably be back within the next 24 hours with something else, LOL. My obsession never wanes :-)
Gucci Large Buckle Sunglasses
$140.00 (on sale) www.80spurple.com
What a great find!!! I'm coming for you cuties :-)

Crossover Knit Jumpsuit $19.80 www.forever21.com
Ummm, I actually bought this jumpsuit the other day but I had to include it in the list cause it's such a great buy! I'm thinking blazer and caged heels...........
BSQT Patent High-Top Sneakers

These are the flyest kicks I've seen in a minute!! I gotta have 'em.

Silence & Noise Open Front Blazer
$49.00 (on sale) www.urbanoutfitters.com
One can never have too many blazers in my humble opinion. I love the silky cuffs on the sleeve.

Kenneth Cole Drop Cluster Bracelet

Gorgeous bracelet. The chunky appearance will really make a big statement!

ASOS PETITE Zip Waist Bandeau Dress

You can't have enough little black dresses (at least I can't) and the zippers on this cutie are placed in just the right spot

Shag Fringe Cardi $78.00 www.shopnastygal.com

The shaggy details on this cardi are super chic. It also comes in black but I think the details stand out more in this grey version.



qué tal lista!!


Anonymous said…
That jumpsuit isn't for every body type. I have no hips or butt so I won't be buying it :0