Weekend Recap

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Sorry for the delay in posting :-( I really tried to post something via my cell phone but Blogger was not having it for some odd reason. I've posted from by phone before so I don't know what the issue was.

Anyhew, I had such an AWESOME (that's my new fav adjective fyi) Christmas and fabulous all around trip this past weekend!!! My beautiful little niece and handsome nephews had a wonderful Christmas (giving them the side eye...LOL)! Catching up with family and friends is always fun and I swear we ate, and ate, then opened gifts, then ate again. Just lovely!

Just as equally fun and absolutely fabulous was the scholarship gala that I was telling you all about. I did not find a dress in the stores to wear but that's quite alright because my super cool mommy made my dress for me and it was a hit. I mean people could not believe my mama made the dress for me. They really thought it was store bought *snickers with glee* This lady is super talented and she always amazes me with her talents.

Okay, enough chit chat, check out the pics below:

My BFF Ja'Kim and yours truly. This is so odd but this is the only photo I have of me from head to toe from the entire night.....weird!!! I know my friends and family have plenty but I was certainly slacking big time!
Necklaces: Forever 21 ; Dress: Designs by Annette (my mommy); Lace Gloves: Asos.com; Peep-toe pumps: Bakers

Here is my mommy Annette in the flesh. Isn't she gorgeous :-) She also made the dress she's wearing (brocade pattern) and the dress my aunt was wearing. Pretty cool, huh

My friends were leading the pack with the infamous "Bus Stop" dance.....such a crowd pleaser, lol.

My BFF Ann in her super cute H&M dress

Fashion Pad Reader Kardawn, my BFF Ann, and Me - oops, I didn't realize that guy was trying to play tongue war with one of my favorite readers until after I set up the post....sorry, he was obviously a little tipsy.....okay, maybe a lot tipsy :-)

My BFF and her sister

Me and my handsome little cousin.....oh wait, he's not little anymore. He's my big college graduate now *tear drops*

Me and my girls.......and some random dudes lingering in the background. Oh bother, this happens to us too often to even mention, LOL!!!

This event was so much fun I wish you guys could have experienced it first hand.



Debra said…
That dress is bangin'. Kudos to your mom!
Anonymous said…
Awww, everyone looks nice....but some of the background people look wasted. The dress turned out really well!
Anonymous said…
Hotness! You all look great and your Mommy did an awesome job on your dress!