Venting Out my Frustrations

Greeting Fashion Pad Readers,

I hope you all are having a fabulous start to your day. I'm having an awful one myself. I cannot believe one of my online teachers at my fashion school gave me a big, fat, remorseless 0 on one of my assignments. And not just any assignment, the got darn assignment that is worth 350 points!!!!! This lady is insane! She states that I use too many internet sources and that I cut and paste my facts. She further insinuates that I plagiarized and that I should use my own thoughts and ideas. Oh, I'm sorry, but this course is not Ethics or Psychology, or even Religion. This course is History of Art II.....history is about facts unless you're specifically asking that you give your opinion about what happened or the art works of the times. OMG people, I am going to pull my freakin' hair out over this. I currently have a 4.0 GPA at my school and this heffa thinks she's gonna mar that perfect record >:-(

Her grading is sooooo inconsistent, 1 assignment was given a D (totally my fault with this one....I have no excuse for the shabby job), then 3 assignments in a row with perfect scores, then one 0 and one B???????? My writing style has never changed nor have I ever received anything less than an A in my other online or campus courses......hence the 4.0 GPA. I'm sure you all know I emailed my department chair, online course administrator, and of course, my psycho professor. They can either withdraw my ass and allow me to take another instructor, or this heffa can allow me to redo my report. If not, I'm taking my $40,000 educational investment and hightailing it outta there. For goodness sake, I have a darn doctorate!!!! I have never plagiarized in my life. I couldn't, even if I wanted to, my work had to be evidence based with an explanation in my own words. I am supremely upset friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a result of all this stress, I'm going to go purchase these boots at Bloomingdale's that I saw the other day. Retail therapy, along with the above options, is about the only thing that's gonna quiet this rage I have right now with this situation.

Dolce Vita 'Fiona' Platform Boots $150.00 (on sale)

Sorry guys, this was not my original post but I had to just express myself and I knew you all would understand :-). I hope they still have my size in these boots. I should have just bought them when I was there this past weekend. I think Bloomies also had a "take an additional 30% off" special going on. Arrgggghhh! Pray for me friends!!!

I'll definitely let you all know what happened with my class.......



Nice boots!